Is option to disable IPv6 coming?

So i think this was asked long time ago, but are we getting option to disable IPv6 anytime soon?


My connection doesn't support it, but still shows IPv6 addresses and i would like to disable it from Sense or find out why it's using it when there is no support for it.

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    Hi @MJO 


    It is possible to disable IPv6 on F-Secure SENSE but it has to be done during the SENSE setup where the upstream internet connection check has to fail, so that the option to go to the Advanced Settings becomes visible.


    For example, put an Ethernet cable to WAN port of the SENSE router and the other end to something that is not providing connection with DHCP when starting the setup. Advanced setting is then visible when the upstream internet connection fails, hence, you can then disable the IPv6 manually and complete the SENSE setup. Below are some of the screenshots for your reference.


    SENSE IPv6 1.jpgSTEP 1SENSE IPv6 2.jpgSTEP 2SENSE IPv6 3.jpgSTEP 3


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