Disable protection for a single device?

Sense seems to be working great here, but is slowing down transfer speeds quite a bit. I'm on a 1 gigabit connection, and sometimes I simply need all the speed my connection provides for downloading. Is there a way to disable Sense protection for a single device? And if not, could this be added?

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    Hello @Aandersen 


    Currently the Gigabit speed is only possible for LAN-to-LAN traffic by F-secure Sense. Even though F-Secure SENSE has 1 Gbit hardware, it is not utilizing the full capacity because the CPU of F-Secure SENSE router cannot handle the traffic fast enough. There is very little that customer could do to improve those figures. At the moment, we do not have active plans to introduce Gigabit support in SENSE for WAN-to-LAN traffic. Click here to see more about router capability for F-secure Sense.

    About disabling sense protection for particular device, its not possible with existing Sense Admin app. But we have feature request page available for Sense, you can leave your suggestions directly.

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