Sense app for IoS requiere to create a Sense network

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Hi, i have the F secure Sense router and it wors fine. But after i had to replace my Iphone i get the "Create your Sense network" when i try open the Sense app for IoS. I do not want to recreate my network. But i can not acess for example configuraition of the guest network since tha is not an option in the windows app only through the IoS app. 

Any suggetsions how to fix this?

I did make an 



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    Hello @hakanmag 


    Did you replace the iPhone that installed admin SENSE app? if yes, the only available options for you is, to reset the F-Secure SENSE router and start over the set up process. Click here to see the steps how to peform a soft reset on your F-secure Sense. 


    Because the SENSE app for Windows PC and macOS cannot be used to set up and configure the SENSE router. For the set-up and configuration of the SENSE router, you need to download and install the SENSE app on either an Android or iOS device.


    Please have a look at this KB article to know more about how does Sense app working on F-secure SENSE router.

    Tip: During the set up process, reuse your previous network name (SSID) and password to avoid reconnecting all your devices to the newly setup SENSE network.





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