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Sense doesn't cover our entire house, so we got ourselves Google Wifi in addition.


How can a mesh wifi best be set up with Sense?


Right now we have sense set up behind the mesh wifi, so all traffic from Google Wifi goes through Sense.


But of course the devices on Google Wifi are on a different subnet, so they cannot reach the Sense app.

Also we can not see on which device URL's have been blocked. They're all tagged with "Google wifi".


Any ideas or best practices on how to set this up better? 



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    Hello sevenam,


    I found a similar post about SENSE and Google Wi-Fi here.

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    Hmm... seems like full support only works with a single google wifi AP.


    We have 3 though...


    I tried to put them on the same subnet, but google wifi just adjusted the subnet automatically to be outside of it.


    So I guess I lose the option to control Sense with the app without switching wifi on my phone. 


    Also lose the option to see what has been blocked on which device, as they all come through google wifi.


    Not sure about the sense client for win/osx?


    No suggestions on how to set up Sense with mesh wifi? The range coverage of Sense is not good enough for the entire house...

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    Same problem here. I use Google Wifi in a mesh with 3 units. Mesh networks are something a lot of IT minded people use, just like the first users that would buy Sense. It doesn't realy make sense (no pun intended).


    My set-up:

    Modem/router from operator -> Google Wi-fi with 3 points in mesh

    From Google Wi-fi Wireless -> Philips Hue, Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Chromecast Ultra, Logitech Harmony, 5 end-point devices

    From Google Wired -> Switch to split
    From split -> Switch -> NAS, Logitech Harmony, Smart TV)
    From split -> Switch -> PC, 4G extender

    Where the heck do I put my Sense in order to have proper control?
    1. For wired I could put it in a kind of bridge between Google Wi-fi and the rest, but I would miss out on all wireless.

    2. Putting it between Modem and Google Wi-fi would mean I don't see which device is doing what. And I need to switch wi-fi to see something at all?


    I would love to protect my house and my IOT products with Sense, but this is why these products are still not the real solution for me... Or Sense should be able to replace Google wi-fi by adding mesh network options.

  • I don't think you can add mesh support tho sense's software because i do not think that the hardware supports it. But can be wrong. You could ask about these things via the official support channels, chat or phone.

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