Replacing CUJO With F-Secure Sense

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Am looking to replace my CUJO AI with a Sense but need some advice as to the configuration as currently I have:


Modem - Synology Router (RT1900AC) - CUJO - ASUS (RT-AC87) Access Point & Network Switch


The AP provides WiFi and the Router provides DHCP.


Am thinking the new setup would be :


Modem - Router - Sense - Network Switch


With the Sense providing DHCP and Wifi.


However am not sure if I would be able to access the Router or the Modem directly once the Sense was put in place.


I had thought of amending  the DHCP range of the Sense to the  range which the Modem and Router e.g 192.168.0.x but even with this am still not sure.


Can anyone advise on this ?




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    Hello eliteharbinger,


    SENSE does not support bridge mode. The Upstream router and SENSE router have to use different subnets.



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