need Wifi switch off over night settings

Barney1234 Posts: 1 New Member

Am I right that current SENSE OS has no option to set wifi time frames ?

This is a standad feature running on every wifi routers and APs, isnt it ?


I need to shut down any wifi activity over night as formerly done with Fritz Box.


  • Unknown

    Well sense's administration requires wifi to be ON so that's why i think they haven't implemented such feature.

    Although with a timer it could work but well i dont see why you need to turn OFF wifi?


    Change wlan password for the night time.

    Unplug sense from power for the night.

  • hatdude
    hatdude Posts: 2 New Member

    "Well sense's administration requires wifi to be ON"


    Almost... you can also administer Sense if you connect to it via another access point, which in turn is connected to Sense via ethernet cable.


    [Cable Modem]----[Sense]----[other WiFi access point]  .  .  .  .  .  [admin device (iOS/Android)]


    In this way you still have full admin access, viewing logs, monitoring devices, enabling / disabling features, etc.


    All that is missing, is to be able to switch off Sense WiFi.




    Because the WiFi feature on my Sense is seriously playing up. If I connect several wireless devices, Sense starts randomly rebooting itself, which disrupts TV streaming. I discovered that using another WiFi access point brings back stability to Sense, while every device still benefits from the Sense monitoring, i.e. dodgy websites are still blocked. Before you ask, yes I tried doing a factory reset and re-configure, several times, before I gave up and plugged in another WiFi access point.


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