Nach einem Jahr mit dem Router kann ich sagen: Much Ado About Nothing...

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Die Idee ist sehr interessant und nützlich, aber Firma f-Secure hat versprochen, das Produkt zu Beginn des letzten Jahres zu verbessern und kontinuierlich weiterzuentwickeln - leider hat es seit über einem Jahr nichts getan! Das Versprechen einer kontinuierlichen Softwareentwicklung - 0! Neue Funktionen hinzufügen - 0! Verschlüsselte VPN-Anrufe im Abonnement - 0! Antivirus und Firewall für alle Geräte im "SENSE"-Netzwerk - 0! Nach jedem größeren Software-Update musste ich die Werkseinstellungen wiederherstellen, da alle in der Anwendung gespeicherten Geräte aus der Liste verschwunden sind und der Router nicht mit dem zugehörigen Handy bedient werden konnte. Nach den letzten Updates "verschwindet" der Router mindestens einmal täglich für einige Minuten und trennt während dieser Zeit alle angeschlossenen Geräte - nach einigen Minuten "Stille" ist der Name des Netzwerks wieder sichtbar.... und so weiter. Viele kleine, aber lästige Fehler, Software-Bugs und unerfüllte Versprechungen. Meiner Meinung nach Router mit guter Firewall ist nicht wert 199 Euro, so dass ich denke, ich fülle mich von f-Secure Unternehmen betrogen worden....

Wenn ich vor einem Jahr wüsste, dass SENSE auf diese Weise "entwickelt und verbessert" wird, würde ich es innerhalb eines Monats zurückschicken und das Geld zurückbekommen.


(English translation)

The idea is very interesting and useful, but f-Secure promised to improve and continuously develop the product at the beginning of last year - unfortunately it hasn't done anything for over a year! The promise of continuous software development - 0! Add new functions - 0! Encrypted VPN calls by subscription - 0! Antivirus and firewall for all devices in the "SENSE" network - 0! After every major software update I had to restore the factory settings because all devices stored in the application disappeared from the list and the router could not be operated with the corresponding mobile phone. After the last updates the router "disappears" at least once a day for a few minutes and disconnects all connected devices during this time - after a few minutes of "silence" the name of the network is visible again..... and so on. Many small but annoying errors, software bugs and unfulfilled promises. In my opinion router with good firewall is not worth 199 euros, so I think I have been cheated by f-Secure company.....

If I knew a year ago that SENSE would be "developed and improved" in this way, I would send it back and get the money back within a month.


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    Hi vonkris,


    Thank you for sharing your feedback. SENSE has been continuously developed over the months and please let me recap what we have released since launch:

    Endpoint protection for Mac, port forwarding, WiFi channel selection, PPPoE support, change upstream connection from app (on iOS, Android coming), scheduled firmware update, Guest Wi-Fi functionality etc. You can see more details here.

    Very importantly, we responded to standard protocol and chip design vulnerabilities like the BlueBorne Bluetooth vulnerability, KRACKS WiFi vulnerability, Meltdown/Spectre. Unlike many other routers we responded to them in a timely manner. Many routers never or rarely get any firmware updates, and it is unclear what vulnerabilities get fixed and when, if at all. Having a secured router is already very good value!

    Please have a look at the current security features for F-Secure SENSE here to know the supported platforms in the home network and on the go.

    Considering that you get a router with a secured firmware, you get in-router security for all your connected devices at home and you get endpoint protection for all personal devices your family has, we truly believe SENSE is a very good value for the money. And SENSE will evolve to fight the ever-growing online threats out there.

    As for the device list and connectivity issues, did you try to get in touch with our support team to troubleshoot the issue further? You can contact them via chat or phone here.

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