Internet Speed through Sense is 5 times slower than without

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So I have a BT Hub 6 as my modem/router and sense is connected to it wirelessly. When I connect my phone to the Sense wireless network and open up its showing 9.2Mbps. When I immediately connect my phone direct to the BT hub 6 it's showing 59Mbps. 


I appreciate that there's going to be some speed tradeoff with security but not that much surely?


Can someone help, please?




  • Well wirelessly you lose performance always compared to wired.

    What can help is that you use 5ghz between the routers and put them more close each other and remove any obstacles from between them like furniture etc.

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    it is highly recommended to use cable connection between your BT hub modem/router and Sense. That will free up WiFi radio channels for your phone data only.

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    Thank you for the replies. So I've cabled this directly to the back of the BT Hub 6. I now get very similar speed results from


    However, the initial request from my iPhone takes 10 seconds to respond. After that it's relatively quick. It's back to the same problem I had before except without Sense showing me the + symbol. I report that to F-Secure and they told me to send Sense back so this is my second Sense now.


    It's like Sense has gone to sleep. 

  • Are you connected to sense via 5ghz wlan?

    Do you get the same speeds with pc, mac? Wireslly and with cable?

    How fast are the bthub ports? 1gb? Is the port where sense is plugged in bridge mode or is the bthub in bridge mode?

    How fast is your internet?

    Please test with which is basically the standard.

    Also test by downloading something bigger. One good place is Steam and download some bigger (free) game from there.

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