Sense - ideal device in front of sense router?

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I just bought the Sense router and awaiting delivery. I have a pretty horrible TalkTalk IP supplied modem router hg633 which can't be used as modem only ( only in Bridge mode).

Can you guys recommend an ideal modem ( can a stand alone modem be used?) or an ideal reasonably priced router to use in combo with Sense? I'm not too techy about networking so any advice much appreciated. Cheers


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    Hi Peter62,


    As mentioned in this article, SENSE is compatible with most commonly available modems or routers that you can buy on the market today or get from your Internet service provider.


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    OK, thank you. 

    However, is it better to have a stand alone true modem in front or a router such as TalkTalk HG633 set up in Bridge mode? 

    Also, is it possible to get tech support to set my modem/router and Sense correctly please?

    Thank you

  • If you have modem on bridge mode, then plug sense to any lan port of the modem and other end to sense's wan port. Then sense will get internet network settings automatically with dhcp from it.


    And yes bridge mode is better than having double nat in many ways like small performance gain, easier configuration etc.

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    Thank you for your advice.

    Would you be able to check if Huawei HG633 is suitable please? I think it's not as it's bridge mode only acts as WiFi extender when another router is attached.

    Thanks again

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    I found this regarding the HG633 router in Bridge mode...


    That is exactly my point. A router that supports modem mode passes the public IP address and the whole WAN interface across to (in this case) your Apple router. As the HG633 does not support this mode, the WAN IP address & interface terminates on the HG633, so this must act as a router, otherwise the HG633 as a bridge has no routing capabilities, so any packets from the ATC router will never be routed out to the public IP address, which is a totally different IP network.

  can use the HG633 as a modem/router, terminating the WAN network and routing on the network. You can turn the WiFi off on the HG633 if you wish. Your ATC can then work in bridge mode also using the network.

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    I bought a netgear d6220 modem router which supports full modem bridge.

    Is it best to use it as modem only in front of the Sense or keep the router functioning? 

  • Put it on bridge mode in front of sense.

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