My Sense device pairing got broken. Can I repair pairing without resetting the device?

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My phone was the main (and the only) device to control the sense router. Now after either sense update or phone firmware update the pairing got broken and my phone cannot control the sense device any longer. How can I make it a main controling device for the sense network again without resetting sense network? I don't want to setup network on every home device once again just because I needed to pair my phone with it.


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    The only way is to reset the Sense router and the app.


    This has been asked several times and currently reseting is the only way.


    Wlan devices will connect back if you name the ssid the same and keep the password as same as now.

  • hepa
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    Soo.... My Android phone got yet annother firmware update which seems to have resulted in the encryption pairing being broken --> set up router from scratch!?!?!!!??? I was kind of almost ok with one phone being/carrying the key but now it seems I need to redo the stuff also in between. Very disappointed. 

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