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How will F-Secure SENSE work with the coming WPA-3 Technogly ?


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    Yesterday the wifi alliance launched Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™, and so, concerning Sense, the answer is ???



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    There aren't yet any devices in the news that would do it via software upgrade.

    Any device needs to go through the wpa3 wifi certification process.

    And even if fsecure would release wpa3 support now or this year, it will be a long time until all your devices support it and probably other manufacturers just certify new devices.

    So this change is years long transition process.

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    Hi FDU,


    There are no WPA3 devices out yet. They are likely coming only in late 2018. It remains to be seen whether existing devices can be updated to support it by a SW update. Making old hardware WPA3 compliant by SW update may be technically challenging and/or commercially unfeasible.

    The certification process needed to make the old HW WPA3 compliant might be also challenging. Not only routers should support WPA3 but your client devices too.

    We’ll look at this later in 2018 how the WPA3 support will evolve and look at the feasibility of updating SENSE if possible.


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