Functionality in LAN ?

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is there any functionality in the lan e.g does it keep me protected if someone tries to hack my wifi or if me lights try to communicate with my nas  on my local lan?


  • Well the main idea of Sense is to protect you from different network levels and iot devices by analyzing data flowing through your network.

    But since there's no real life demo on how it detects and protects, it's hard to know for absolutely sure.

    @FS_Simo i think a real life demo of sense's protection of iot devices would help the sales of Sense and assure us more who already have it.

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    Thanks for the great question, at the moment we don't scan lan-to-lan traffic specifically, but we are looking into features that would help isolate devices in lan also.


    If somebody manages to join your network without consent, the extra device will show up on your devices list on the SENSE app. There will also be a new event for that device, so at least there should be a way for you to figure out if somebody you didn't expect has been in your secure network.

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