F-Secure SENSE dropping connection, slow WiFi

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I just got an F-Secure SENSE. I just unpacked this neat little box, and connected it to my network. I seem to be having quite a few problems though.


The first major problem, is that the F-Secure SENSE box is constantly dropping the connection.

I already have an existing all-in-one routher (modem, router and AP). Behind this, connected to one of the LAN ports, I've connected the SENSE to it's WAN port. I'm using the LAN ports of the SENSE for other devices, such as my main computer.


To simplify the connection scheme in a graph.


WAN -> [WAN] FritzBox [LAN] -> [WAN] SENSE [LAN] -> [LAN] Computer


Where arrows are cables, and things between brackets describe the ports the cables are connected to. The FritzBox is my existing router in this graph.


Now, with this configuration the set up of the SENSE is already trouble some. It has trouble downloading the update, and I've to retry once or twice before I get it to work. After that, network is reachable from my computer.

The connection is constantly dropping though. I've a successfull connection for about a minute, then it drops for 5 seconds. Then I'm able to successfully connect for 30 seconds, and the connection drops again for 10 seconds. This constantly repeats, and doesn't stop. What is going on here!?

While disconnects are occurring, the SENSE router shows some sort of disconnect animation on it's screen.





When I put a switch between the FritzBox router and the SENSE, and connect my computer directly to this switch too, the graph looks like this:

WAN -> [WAN] FritzBox [LAN] -> Switch -> [WAN] SENSE   [LAN] -> [LAN]   Computer
- [Wi-Fi] -> [Wi-Fi] Phone

With this configuration, the disconnects seem to stop. Well, the disconnect animation is not visible anymore after doing this.

I would prefer to connect through the SENSE though, as it has 1Gbps speeds while my switch is limited to 100Mbit bottlenecking the LAN speed.


As I said, the stability seems to be fine using the last configuration. Over Wi-Fi though, the maximum throughput is ~20Mbps down over 2.4Ghz, and ~20Mbps which immediately drops to ~0.05Mbps down (when doing a speedtest) on 5Ghz. My FritzBox pushes a steady 50Mbps (my maximum WAN speed). Upload speeds are fine on both routers. I thought this is weird.


To give some final details.

I've done a factory reset 3 times now. Which doesn't improve the result.

When the connection through the SENSE drops, all ping packets are dropped except for pings directly to the SENSE router. Other IP addresses are also not reachable.


So, what problems am I having?

Constant disconnects with the first configuration.

Slow and instable Wi-Fi speeds with the second configuration.


What is going on, and how can I solve these issues?



Tim Visee

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