F-Secure Sense app vs F-Secure Key, why not combine the cloud?

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I use the F-Secure Key app, it does sync over the cloud with other devices, also my Mac + Windows.

F-Secure state that is safe to store all my passwords, and also my creditcards.


Why dont the Sense app have the same option? It would solve the reset/ change of phone, and I could also use it remote + on other devices?




  • F-Secure key service is a complete different one it is also separated in the infrastructure levels, since F-Secure has no access to the database nor there's any webportal or anything.

    But of course it would nice to have all features in one app, but maybe that's in the very long future.


    And Sense app is tied to the device via pairing and encryption keys, which actually is the reason why you can currently only control it from one device as it was designed that way.

    It is already been requested that you could control sense via multilpe devices and its already in the works, check the feature request list topic (page 5). :)

    Features confirmed to be implemented:

    - Controlling and configuration from multiple devices, confirmed here

    - Controlling devices from Sense app on Sense network without accessing Sense's wifi (remote access), confirmed here


    Features confirmed as might be implemented:
    - VPN access, accessing devices from internet, post here


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