Question on Shields Up port scan

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I did a shields up port scan on Sense, it tells me ports 135, 139 and 445 are closed but not stealthed ... wouldn't it be better if Sense stealthed all ports?


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    I just did a grc shields up myself and it returned all ports as green (stealth) for the first 1024 ports.

    Is SENSE your first router on the internet line? Do you have any port forwarding rules in play?


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    Hi FS_Simo,


    My Sense is not the first on the line, my setup is as follows :-


    VIrgin media ISP Router    -----> Sense ------> Linksys EA9500 Router

    (Currently Set in modem                                         (Set in Bridge Mode)

     Mode i.e no WIFi)


    I have no port forwarding rules set. I am pretty sure I did run Shields up when I first got Sense and all ports showed up stealthed but something's happened somewhere and I don't know what. Here's an image of what I get when I run Shields Up test :-



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