Unknown device?

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My Sense (activated 06/2017) added suddenly a new device named ”F-Secure Corporation” to the list of all devices. Cached data shows one connection (10.10.2017) and device has been offline after that. It has same IP that the router itself. 


What is that device? Has there been a connection to my Sense from F-Secure Corporation (or appearing to come from F-Secure). Or is that just a bug?


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    That is a signature of a SENSE device


    Do you have another SENSE-devices connected to the lan port or have you at some point connected your network equipment in a loop where the SENSE wan port connects to one of its own LAN ports?

  • miklap
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    Nope, I have only one SENSE gw at home network. Devices connected with cable are: 1 windows pc and 2 iptv boxes (elisa and dune).


    WAN is connected to telewell vdsl2 bridge modem.



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