F-Secure - connecting people.

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F-Secure - connecting people.

I got this personal message here in this community today:

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From: afaralove
Sent: 22-09-2011 06:17 PM

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My name is afara.
To me 23 years. and i am search man for relations.
And  try  to search it on internet.
Find you on this site . And i like this profile.
I am interested in you.If you feel like
knowing more about me and for me to send you my picture,you can send
me mail at (afara12ude@yahoo.com)
May be you tell me about your life like a work , hobby , lifestyle.
How with your sense of humor?
If you interested in me please write me.
If not please not write me)
I think we can have good communication!
With respect
thanks yours
afara ude
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Could we say that F-Secure connects people? And will F-Secure protect me from any viruses she may bring along...?
Sorry, I just couldn't help it... Smiley Wink
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Re: F-Secure - connecting people.

Hi Popeye!

We do want to connect people.

However, in this case, we'll start working on a setting where you can restrict private messaging feature.

For now, to review your messaging settings, go to My Settings->Preferences->Private Messenger.


Stay safe!

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Re: F-Secure - connecting people.



Seems a spambot got through.

That user account is banned.

Thanks for reporting it!


Best regards,


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Re: F-Secure - connecting people.

Oh no, I was talking with her.. Why you banned her, I was just sending my email password...