XFence 1.8.88 Update

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Re: XFence 1.8.88 Update

That seem to me like an issue with the rules file.

Check out the thread that was on here talking about fixing a broken rules file.


This can happen often, mostly when there is a rule with certain special characters.


Those characters make xfense ignore any rule after that. There was a simple command that whould check for these errors show them.


Re: XFence 1.8.88 Update

I tried the command from 'XFENCE forgets/deletes existing rules', namely:


grep --color '.allow\|.deny' /Users/Shared/F-Secure\ XFENCE/*.rc


But it finds nothing.


Also, v1.8.88 seems to have been out a long time with no updates, is the product still being developed or is it time to cut my loses and switch to HandsOff?


Re: XFence 1.8.88 Update

For instance in the rules I have:

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 17.05.39.png

But after a day in learning mode when I turn that off I get an import for:Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 17.05.18.png


i.e. a repeat of the last entry, but that should be irrelevant anyway as the 'any' 4 lines above should be invoked (which is why the last three entries are orange)!


I have 'imported' this particular offering dozens of times and it makes no difference whatsoever. I re-loaded the rules, no help, deleted them and re-imported them, no help. I could just delete them all and start again but I have about 1322 rules and don't want to have to go through all that again.


If I have to start from scratch then given the lack of interest there seems to be in this product, not to mention no idea on cost/subscription model or my LF license upgrade options, then I might as well switch to Hands Off which does much the same job, is actively supported and I already have a license for.