FinFisher Trojan

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FinFisher Trojan

Please take note of this as Brian Krebs Security make this known.


They keep MUM on these for a very long time. 


So just take note. 



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Re: FinFisher Trojan

Mikko Hypponen did highlight this problem in the F-Secure web log.


This is also infects Windows Platform.


Likelyhood they can infect many OS platforms.



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Re: FinFisher Trojan infected thru iPhones!

I stumble across a site from china...(written in english. A very short one, see the excerpts below)  that your iPHONE have been a target of eavsdropping!!!


Infections can get from Windows, Mac OS X, IOS. 


The article says:- 


FinFisher Beats Carrier IQ


The FinFisher Trojan is government spyware that is installed via a phony iTunes update.

Your iPhone could be spying on you, according to the latest documents from Wikileaks, called the Spyfiles


(Via CultOfMac: If You Thought Carrier IQ Scandal Was Bad, Wait Till You See Latest Wikileaks)


Confirmation answer is that the trojan virus can infect iPhones, Blackberry, Androids, Skypes, All known Web base emails, penetrate wifi, ISPs, Windows, Macs OS X,itunes, IOS, other handphone OS,All  IMs, IRCs.


Seems like a crossplatform infections!


Infected Handphones, please remove battery!Smiley Very Happy