Won’t work in greece on Disney plus


Won’t work in greece on Disney plus

Hey I'm in greece, i want to log into Disney plus app. They seem to know I'm in Europe. I'm using the latest app on iPhone. 
Anyone know what I'm doing wrong

i have it set up for East coast usa and the app is active. 
i tried closing the Disney app and turn back off

 I'm connected to by wifi not cellular


Re: Won’t work in greece on Disney plus

check this page to see if Freedome brings you where you expect.

If that is on the US Eastcoast you didi everything correct and Disney simply blocks that displayed IP-Address for it is known to be a VPN-Service.

(Keep in mind, that Freedome is about securing your privacy against eavesdropping passwords and other private data on a public WiFi/Network, not undermining copyright regulations)

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