IP logging


IP logging

"We respect authorized court orders and warrants of jurisdictions applicable to us in investigating cases of illegal activity."


So basically you do log some data that the authorities might be interested in. What kind of possibly compromising data do you log?


In particular, could the data you have be used to connect a user's own IP address to their Freedome IP address? (For example for the purpose of something like the Hedman extortion scheme)


Re: IP logging



I'm also only F-Secure users (their home solutions);


But does their terms/statements do not cover your concern (?!):

With my own feelings -> if there will be rogue-actions -> company anyway should to perform something or investigate something (with unclear impact or possibilities). Even based on their own privacy policy: should not possible to do something further - if user do not break their rules/terms with harm-view.


What about protection for such logs (or other data) -> I'm not sure. At least, that it should be critical to create good 'security' status for such.