Does Freedome block the Metaphor exploit?


Does Freedome block the Metaphor exploit?

Following news of the Android Stagefright exploit dubbed Metaphor, can Freedome detect and block the exploit? 


Re: Does Freedome block the Metaphor exploit?

Hi @kvestori


F-Secure is here to protect you from threats that will exploit these vulnerabilities and as an added important precaution, our advice to Android users is to examine the app that handles MMS messages. For example your Android device's default messaging app or Google Hangouts.  Make sure to disable their automatic retrieve/fetching options.  This will prevent automatic execution of potential exploits on any received messages, which will reduce the risks to your device while waiting for the security patches.  In addition, avoid viewing or opening any media content from untrusted sources.


Please let us know if you need further info about this.






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