About the block domain mechanism of Sense

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About the block domain mechanism of Sense

Hi Sense Team !

as i have check, for example domain A, Sense detects it is the malware domain and block A domain through http already. but i still can ping or nsloookup domain, telnet to A is normal.


so my question is why Sense only block http connection, and pass other connection method like ping or telnet.


thank you !

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Re: About the block domain mechanism of Sense

Hi Arsjupiter,


Apologies for the late response to your post.


Sense also blocks domains via other protocols apart from http.


We made further tests with current production firmware p- with Browsing Protection enabled to confirm that ping, nslookup and telnet through SENSE does not reach a site that is categorized as malicious.

If you still have this issue, please get in touch with our support team here via chat/phone as we might need to further troubleshoot on this issue.

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