Replacing the taskbar with the F-Secure one


Replacing the taskbar with the F-Secure one

Please, I have somehow picked up Iminent even though we have F-Secure and I'm trying to replace their taskbar with the one before which I think was F-Secure one. Can someone teach me how to do this please?  I've tried removing Iminent but it isn't in my programmes etc to remove it.




Re: Replacing the taskbar with the F-Secure one



Sorry for my reply.


Do you have any other visible triggers about 'Iminent' activities? And did you launch Full scan by F-Secure (?! which probably can be not useful with this situation... but anyway);

What about "taskbar" (maybe I not understand it properly) -> maybe you able to rightclick for logo and choose "Properties" and check 'Target'-string about payload; Or if there means toolbar under browser (probably next articles can be useful; and some steps can be with differences about certain browser);


Maybe you able to re-check such third-party articles like:




Also you able to try next third-party tools:

- Adwcleaner (by Malwarebytes)

- Junkware Removal Tool


If it will be useful and found something under your system. Maybe there required some double-checks about situation (that there all OK already);

And mainly -> good to transfer 'information' (or even "sample" of detected files) to F-Secure Labs:

Since maybe it should be detected by F-Secure (based on their policy);