F-Secure Update blocks "The Book of Legend"


Re: F-Secure Update blocks "The Book of Legend"

I also contacted support, but I did not get any answer yet. Perhaps that was done when the analysis people answered me?


- Game Mode does not change anything.

- Compatibility mode of DeepGuard allowed me to run the game!


Thanks a lot! Changing to compatiblity and returning to normal mode when I am finished playing is fine with me :)


Re: F-Secure Update blocks "The Book of Legend"

If you mean - that you received one answer during result about "safe or not" - maybe it's was last answer indeed.

But you can to re-ask or create some kind of another ticket not just about "detection for files/file, which related with game"; Ticket about "DeepGuard and current game" have a troubles - which maybe possibly to fix by F-Secure team (but I not sure... for which place it's need to create a ticket/letter); Maybe for that "fix" can to use any whitelisting - but not sure...



About "Game Mode" more related with prevent any "network connection" by applications and some another points (like system resources more for game-processes);


And compatibility mode good that work. But anyway - you can try to check situation about settings in main UI - Tools part - where must be "DeepGuard storage" (if there have any files related with game - maybe trouble in that fact; And if clean that storage about files, related with game, maybe it's able to fix... already without compatibility mode);


:) But maybe.... can be enough.... that already all work and create a good emotions for you.