Browser hijacker Qv06


Browser hijacker Qv06

Hi Everyone!


Like a douchebag I am, got my computer infested with Qv06. It seems to go completely under the radar to avoid virusdetectors and I can't find any bulletproof methods to get rid of it. None of the easy tricks work, all that seems to be left is serious play with the registry keys. Before I do that and kill my entire movie collection, have anyone here come across this, done something to it and done something good. Meaning roasted it's sorry bottom.


Re: Browser hijacker Qv06

Hi Pineapple,


Please try to run a full scan:


1) In the F-Secure Launch Pad, click the "Computer Security" icon.

2) Then go to Settings > Computer section > Manual Scanning.

3) In the Scanning Options, please
i) Uncheck "Scan only known file types";
ii) Check both "Scan inside compressed files" AND "Use advanced heuristics".

4) After that, please run a FULL computer scan.

Also, please try to reset the browser.


For IE:


For Chrome:


For Firefox:


Best regards,


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