Adding F-Secure Easy to a new Desktop computer


Adding F-Secure Easy to a new Desktop computer

I have a valid licence of F-Secre Easy for 3 computers sommencing 1 April 2017 for two years.

How I can add F-Secure to new Desktop? It is required Kampanjakoodi and Tilauskoodi,

I have only Lisenssinumero.

Br Ajankierto


Re: Adding F-Secure Easy to a new Desktop computer



Sorry for my ask. I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home Solutions);


Does "F-Secure Easy" is something as branded F-Secure solution by some ISP/Company/Others?


About subscription code there available such Knowledgebase article:


--> potentially it can be related with "license"-code (or not);

--> another code -> campaign code should be based on "where it purchased" (and which solution);


With any of meanings -> there should be instructions as mail-letter or under website/page (if there is not directly F-Secure as license-provider);


I able to suggest things like:


--> Contact F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone) and provide license-information:

and most likely they able to advice proper stes;


--> Generally installation for desktops should not required such information (if My F-Secure Account for F-Secure SAFE) already created;

And there is enough just download installer (after login under portal);

Maybe if you have only one "license" (subscription-code) -> you experience about F-Secure Internet Security or F-Secure AV? Where you able to add such code directly under installations steps;


--> Does it was valid action even if it happened at "1 April 2017"?


Sorry for my reply.