Sense specs, need for update?

It looks like there are other players on the market providing similar products like Sense.

For example Norton Core and Bitdefender Box 2.

Both seem to offer same kind of product as Sense, but with considerably better hw tech specs, at least on paper.

Quickly looking it looks like you would get better hw with same price from Norton or Bitdefender.

Is there any plans to upgrade Sense's hw specs before launch?


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    Hi sam_he,


    Sense and its competitors are a completely new product category that haven’t existed before. The fact that a dominant player is coming along reinforces our vision that in fact there is a market there that will shape up in the very near future. Remains to be seen how this market will shape up, which vendors and which products will be able to capture the needs of the consumer best, with the most competitive prices. There are and there will be various products and services offered at various price points targeted at various customer segments.


    The Sense team had a look at the HW specs and it is seen that BD BOX2 has an AC1300 class Wi-Fi and SENSE has an AC1750 class Wi-Fi; so we would respectfully disagree with the statement that the BD HW is better. The Norton HW is more powerful, no question about it. That said, it has a 40% higher list price (the pre-order offer is lower but that will end soon). It remains to be seen how prices will evolve but chances are, you’ll have to pay extra for the extra power in HW.


    About the change of specs, we would not want any further delay in the Sense launch due to changing the design/specs in Sense. There has been suggestions and we have been forwarding the same to the product team. The Sense team are saving these ideas for Sense 2.0.




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    Thank you for your answer. It was very well argumented.

    I agree that the release in time is more important at the moment than upgrading the HW. 

    Hopefully we will see Sense launch in June!

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