Browser protection Sense Update for Firefox 57



Do you have an ETA for the add on for FF57, which was released today? Current extension isn't working.




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    Sorry for my reply and ask.


    With F-Secure SAFE '17' (stable solution) -> Browsing Protection extension (for Windows) works with Firefox 57.

    So, most likely, it should not be a trouble (or delay) with updating SENSE app extension (.. except that it still 16.5-build and there another ?! extension).


    But just as re-check -> does it marked by Firefox that extension is not work/disabled?

    Or 'if not by Firefox' -> does it possible to disable/re-enable addon and re-check what if it works?


    // I'm only F-Secure user.. but not a F-Secure SENSE user.



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    Thanks again :)


    I am using F-Secure Sense for OS X, and the browser extension for FF57 isnt working on it. That's why I asked





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    I see. I thought that your experience can be about Mac-platform (but based on your another topic for Windows-concern -- decided that maybe not).

    With Mac-platform probably extension still is not compatible even with stable solutions (strange a little be):


    Topic's response about F-Secure SAFE beta/technology preview Mac and extension

    But maybe this is already not actual (and situation will be with 'boost up'-step).



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    Soon is relative I see, that was posted 3 weeks ago :)


    Thanks again Ukko!

  • (applies to everyone's 'soon' term)

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