Troubleshooting scan node connectivity to Radar Update service (RUS) and Radar Security Center


There is an issue with scan nodes not being able to connect to our back end. In short, the "Last seen" and "Engine update" indicators on  show a delay of more than 3-4 minutes.


To troubleshoot the scan node connectivity:

  1. Make sure that the F-Secure Radar Scan Node Agent (legacy name= Karhu.Scan.Daemon) service is running. Check this by using Windows Task Manager or Windows Local Service.
  2. Make sure that the Windows credentials used to run the F-Secure Radar Scan Node Agent (Karhu.Scan.Daemon) service are able to log in.
  3. While logged in with these Windows credentials, run the following command: C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\RadarScanAgent>FSRadarAgent.exe --test

This runs a connectivity test against our Radar Update server backend. There should be no visible problems or errors while the previous test executes.
  1. Ensure that using a browser to access the Security Center portal or and works. 
  2. Also check if there are any changes in the network configuration or if the connection needs a proxy for outbound traffic.

Article no: 000003665

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