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What are the odds that someone from your organization reuses their login credentials in a 3rd party site?   This is a serious risk and the larger your organization, the more likely it is that someone reuses their credentials in a site that gets breached. The site HaveIBeenPwned, where people can check if their credentials have been leaked, already has roughly half a billion password hashes available.   You can use two-factor authentication to lower the risk of these data breaches affecting your organization.   We recommend: 1) Take two-factor authentication into use to add an extra layer of security in your organization (for example, see Microsoft authenticator or Google Authy, depending on your needs). 2) Take a look at the list of passwords on HaveIBeenPwned. If possible, verify your user base against the publicly known passwords there. If you are a website administrator, use its database to disallow these compromised passwords.   Links:    
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Welcome!   We are happy to kick off our Threat Intelligence feed, which will contain information on threats that are relevant to you. This feed is meant to benefit companies with finite resources for security administration. We want to give you  key information that you can digest within 15 seconds, followed by our tips for improving the security of your business. We will also include links to original articles.   Our key points: You do not need to be a security expert to understand our news items. You will know how to improve the security based on the information that we provide. We link you to the news source so you can always find more information for in-depth technical details.   So, welcome! Let's kick things off!
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