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What are the biggest mobile app development trends for the year 2017?


What are the biggest mobile app development trends for the year 2017?

There are a number of considerable trends and new concepts that have given a new shape to the entire industry of today’s mobile platform. Either it is about mobile gaming and entertainment or it is about high end enterprise level mobile applications, the entire industry has been dramatically transformed in a very short interval of time. It is also an undeniable fact that the modern day advanced mobile devices have further enabled the industry experts to introduce exclusive features.


Let us start reviewing the various top rated trends from the concept of virtual reality. VR apps are now reshaping the world of mobile gaming, entertainment and even business development. IKEA which is one of the most renowned companies around the world has started making the most out of this new technology. On the other hand, artificial intelligence adding considerable value to a number of businesses by enabling them to feature the most appropriate user experience that fits the best with the end users preferences. One of the top mobile app development New Jersey based company added that machine learning and the domain of IoT are also considered to be two of the top listed trends in today’s mobile industry.

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