Secret to making SEO work


Secret to making SEO work

You’re probably wondering what the secret ingredient is for SEO. What is it that your competitors know that you don’t know? You might be thinking that they must know someone at Google or have the Google algorithm in their back pocket. But the truth is that there is no secret to creating SEO. In fact, every company is going to have to do different things to make it work. It’s really just a big guessing game, but here are a few things to keep in mind while guessing.


The best way to figure out how to do SEO is to experiment and track results. It works best if you’ve already had about a year worth of results to compare to, but seeing the numbers go up is always better. Just remember that sometimes shifts in your numbers may be seasonal and not because you are doing any better or worse with SEO. Track how many people have been checking out your site, and if it drastically increases/decreases week over week or month over month, you know you’ve done something right/wrong.

Quality is essential

It used to be that getting your website higher on Google was all about getting as much content on the internet as possible. The problem with this was that it loaded the internet with a ton of crap that nobody wanted to read. Now, all the search engines have moved towards quality content instead of the quantity, according to Forbes. Of course, having regular content is still important, but it is more important to ensure it is being written by quality writers with information relevant to your industry. Of course, having a bunch of bloggers writing about your company is helpful too, which is why it can be so valuable to have pay per call set up.

Google+ is essential

Having a good website and social media up is good, but it is essential that you have your Google+ account set up. Since this is a huge determining factor to SEO on Google, you’ll definitely need to get it set up. Google wants you to give them all the information they need about your company, so they know they have an accurate database. Even with all the guess work of SEO, this is something you can’t pass over.

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