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Picture Vault


Picture Vault

I remember that there was a vault where i could store my private pictures  only accessible with a 4 digit password. I cant find that feature anemone. Where is this feature ?. 


Re: Picture Vault



Sorry for my reply - I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions);


Maybe good to explain more:


--> does your experience was about F-Secure solution (Home solution)?

Like their online backup/sync services: "F-Secure Online Backup" or "younited by F-Secure"?

If so -> F-Secure Online Backup and younited -> EOF and not available anymore.


--> does your experience was about certain feature with their ?! mobile solution like F-Secure Mobile Security or F-Secure SAFE;

Or it was with any platform?


--> does your ask about F-Secure solutions? Or just generic ask about potential 'picture vault'? Or applications with certain design? Or even system's design?