Empty word and excel files


Empty word and excel files

I recently had some problems with two word files and an excel file that ended up empty for info. I have had a IBM compatible computer since around 1988 (numerous newer mashines), and prefer older versions of Office, since they are free and not adictive (newer versions require annual payments like a drug). I also have a lot of old files in my archive, and they need to be readable also in the future. My write files I have already had problems with.

      So right now I have a stationary with Windows 8 and a portable with (unfortunately) Windows 10. I use them paralell, but never have the stationary online. I use Word and Excel from 2003, the SP3 versions.



Two word files ended up empty. The file name is there, and also the history (date created and last stored). I cannot restore to older saved versions. One of the word files show 0 bites, the otherone the actual file size.

The excel file have also history information (date created and last saved), but file shows 0 bites. However, when I open this file, the first (and only) worksheet has a name in the bottom. It must have got this from the original uncorrupted file.



No routines indicate wrong use by me:

  • Turned on/off computer by program software.
  • External harddrive disengaged by release option before detached.
  • Not forcfully turned off my computer
  • No power-out


  • I have virus scanned C: and external drives for virus' with F-Secure SAFE.
  • I have file searched word and excel names of the mentioned files, and also the MS-DOS name.
  • To restore the file through properties in File Manager is not possible.
  • I have also scanned for file system errors



I do get the MS-DOS name in properties. So is it possible to find a temp file somewhere on C: or something may be in the garbidge bin? I do not know where to look in the new Windows versions (8 and 10).


I hope this is a one time problem, but suspect it might be a virus since the proble seems selective, and I never have had this problem in my 32 years with misc. computers.


One file I can understand, but two different programmes and three files, all used at differenc times, it makes me suspicious. Especially when I cannot find anything wrong with hardware or softwate.


Anyone out there who can help me?