Upgrade PSB 10.x to 12.x


Upgrade PSB 10.x to 12.x

Is it possible to upgrade PSB version on Client Computers from the portal? 

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Re: Upgrade PSB 10.x to 12.x

Hi Jane,


This would be a nice feature, wouldn't it!


As it stands, no this isn't possible but hopefully it is something that will be introduced. Are you familiar with the Channel upgrade process? At some point, once F-Secure are happy with v12 they will automatically upgrade all clients to this version through the portal.


Full details available here:

        How does PSB software get upgraded? (channel upgrade)               


The problem with this method, for me, is that I can't control which machines will be updated and when. As a result, I encourage my admins to install the latest version via GPO or some other method for any critical machines before the Channel Upgrade process begins.


Your idea of being able to initiate the upgrade from the portal is a good one though, and F-Secure could make this available before the Channel Upgrade so we can try to control the timings better. The Channel Upgrade would then just pick up any stragglers Smiley Happy



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F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Upgrade PSB 10.x to 12.x



This type of feature is being considered, but nothing is planned for the immediate future.

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