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PSB portal change log


Release 1.0.1237 - availability starting 10.04.2019

The new release is available in all regions with the following new features:
  • UDID is now present in a mobile devices report.
  • Selected SOP admins are allowed to download fsdiags.
  • Network isolation can be configured using profile editor.
It also includes usability improvements:
  • Software updates list and vendor views do not show non installable patches.
  • Export time of a mobile device report has been significantly decreased.

Release 1.0.1282 - availability starting 2.5.2019


The new release is available in all regions with the following new features:


  • Preparation for Server Protection launch: 
    • The support for 3 new server products (that will be visible at launch):
      • Server Protection Premium
      • Server Protection Premium & RDR
      • Rapid Detection and Response for Servers
    • The installations with Computer Protection subscription keys on server operation systems is prevented.
  • Security parameters are shown on device details page for MAC (pending a MAC client release)


And we have a performance improvement feature as well:


  • Faster page loading for partners having thousands of companies

Server Protection released - availability starting 16.5.2019



we just enabled support for following 4 new products:

  • Server Protection - this replaces the old Server Security 12.10
  • Server Protection Premium
  • Server Protection Premium and RDR
  • Rapid Detection and Response for Servers

These products are using exact same installers as the Computer Protection and Rapid Detection and Response are using. There are still limitations in supported server platforms compared to Server Security, e.g. Citrix isn't yet supported. Also the Email and Server Security product is not yet supported with the new Server Protection. For full details take a look at


This Server Protection is supported by the 19.3 release at Earlier versions do not support Server Protection.


PSB Team


Release  1.0.1304 - availability starting 16.05.2019

We are bringing today a new release with the following features and fixes to all portals in AMER, APAC and EMEA regions.
  • PSB Server Protection is now available. See previous post for more information. Related to this, you have now three new available features:
    • You can now copy Computer Protection profile to Server Protection profile as well as the opposite
    • Server Security is renamed as Server Protection
    • Server Protection is now available on the public download page
  • Remote Quarantine Management working with client version 19.3 and later
  • "Select all" checkbox in the devices list view selects all devices, not just visible ones (limited to 500 devices).
  • UI switched to use TLS v1.2 policy
  • Management Rest API switched to TLS 1.2 only mode with elliptic and RSA ciphers
  • Improved translation wording in User Interface
  • Computers export CSV is now improved for partners with big amounts of computers
 PSB Team
F-Secure Product Manager

Client Customization- availability starting 17.05.2019

A Solution Provider (SOP) can now customize the F-Secure clients (Computer and Server Protection) with his logo in the bottom left corner, and associate a hyperlink to its support site.

Its logo and associated url can be added by going in the account page, in the action menu, below "Customize portal" to the new "Customize client" option.


The logo will be added to all client using a SOP/SEP/Company level profile.

The client using an F-Secure default profile will not show it (but it is possible to clone F-Secure default profile if you wish to show it).