PSB portal change log


Release change log 20160807030418_7585db9

General changes:

  • Reinstall product operation for Freedome for Business devices
  • Filtering and search results are combined
  • "Waiting for connection" computer state is shown in device list and details
  • Company name added to the SWUP installation history
  • Administrator is activated when welcome email is sent
  • It's possible to specify few emails on one string when adding computer
  • PSB reseives infections found by DeepGuard 
  • Filters have now Firewall, Application Control and Realtime Protection statuses
  • Old and New UI are ready to redirect anyone to New UI login page

Also a lot of small issues fixed and improved.


PSB team.


Release 201608251235-b13e1d6 change log

Release 201608251235-b13e1d6 


First of all, sorry for breaking all the trend reports and subscription usage reports with previous release. These have been fixed to work on all portals yesterday and new reports are available for today. But unfortunately we cannot generate back those missing caps for 1-2 weeks.


This release has 2 quite big changes and then lot of smaller fixes and improvements.


1.  PSB management API release

  • Management API is an integration interface that allows complete integration of the PSB management platform with a third party management system.The integration is intended to leverage organization’s existing investments and benefits from centralized management systems, for example by streamlining the administrator’s security related work.
  • All operations that are available through the Management Portal are also available through the Management API. This does not include ordering, which is done through the Partner Portal.
  • Mandatory API key and instructions on how to use the API are available for solution provider accounts from the "My account" menu when solution provider scope is selected.
  • API reference document is at and PSB API Quick Start Guide at
  • There is also a new section in the F-Secure Community for the PSB management API at

2. Software Updater value report

  • You can see all the software updates done for a the selected scope, as a proof what was done. First version includes a table of all the updates done with amount of computers. Later there will be also a graphical report available.
  • This new Software Updater report can be found from the Software updates section '...' -button with "Installed software updates" selection.

Other changes

  • Infections are displayed now using the date and time when it was found on the client instead of the database insertion time.
  • Fixed case where login screen goes malcolored when user logs in from another browser tab.
  • Infections now also include infections found by manual scanning and by DeepGuard.
  • E-mail templates updated for the APN's certificate creation/renewal to match the current look and feel.
  • Fixed adding a mobile device details page to have correct mandatory fields.
  • All completed mobile operations are now reported with proper string, instead of the "device.detail.operations.status.completed".
  • Updated the Feedback page to have explanation that the feedback is limited to 500 characters.
  • Link from the profile search results, now opens also the root level profiles.

Removed features:

  • Remove setting for "Show suspicious items after full computer check" from the new profile editor as it is not supported by the current client.

PSB team


Release change log 201610030306-301c5e9

Release 201610030306-301c5e9


Again a small release and we did not get the automatic 30 minute logout bug fixed. It turned out to be bit bigger problem with handling simultaneous calls. But it should get fixed with the next release.


Changes in this release

  • Added the date when the computer was added to portal as Registration date column to Central Management category. 
  • Added more information to infection emails for scheduled, manual scanning and Deepguard alerts.
  • Added installation instructions link to Freedome for Business installation e-mail.
  • Added API URLs to the get API key wizard.

PSB team.


Release change log 201609070307-db6a156

Release 201609070307-db6a156



  • Graphical Software Updater value report is now available at the bottom of the Reports > Protection status page.
  • Management API key is now validated, so it must match the real one from your solution provider account.
    • There is currently annoying bug that read-only users cannot get the API key currently. We will fix that in upcoming releases.
  • Highlight the selected row/rows in Device listing page.
  • Added subscription cleanup information to expired subscriptions view.
  • Fixed bug where computers got loaded if you quickly switched to Mobiles tab in Devices view
  • Critical security updates are first visible in the Software Updater reports.

PSB team


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Re: Release change log 201609070307-db6a156

Hello Petri,


The software updater value report sounds very interesting. I would really like to see it, but it is not currently available in my portal (


When is the new version going to be applied to each portal? Or has it already done and I am looking in the wrong place?







Re: Release change log 201609070307-db6a156

Hi Nick,


Here is an example picture how the report looks like:


PSB4/EMEA2 portal is the only one that has it at the moment and as we never do upgrades on Friday to reduce the risk of having problems during weekend, rest of the portals will be upgraded next week. First post in this thread explains how you can check which version is your portal running.




Release change log 201609200307-689712c

Release 201609200307-689712c


Quite small release with just couple of bug fixes:

  • Mobile Security device removal was not working.
  • Total amount of found infections in the Protection status report was always 0.
  • New computer shows "device.protectionStatus.state.automaticUpdates.unknown" in device details instead of the proper text.
  • Added better help for Deepguard advanced process monitoring.

While testing this release we also noticed one quite annoying bug in session handling of the new portal: all users get logged out always after 30 minutes, as the authentication token refreshing is not working properly. This got broken couple of releases back when we added more security checks to the system. Due to having incorrectly a different configuration in our testing environment compared to production environments this problem never showed up in our internal testing. This environment difference has been now fixed and next release will bring fix to this problem.


PSB team


Release 201610150307-b15ad76 change log

Release 201610150307-b15ad76


First of this release fixes one very nasty bug, that got introduced in previous release: Infection alert emails are not being sent for all accounts. So please check from the portal infections page, that you haven't missed some infection information.


This 30 minute automatic logout turned out be lot more complex than we originally thought and it is still not fixed. Some customers will notice already improvement with this release, but bug is not yet fixed fully.


Then to some positive changes: PSB Portal user interface is clearly snappier now. We did a bit of backend magic and we've measured the change. The roundtrip times of 340-360ms calls between the Management REST API and the PSB backend are down to 200-220ms. This is just enough for a sharp eye to to notice the difference on PSB portal UI and to appreaciate the increase of quality.


Rest of the changes in this release:

  • Fixed a bug where associating a company to Service Partner account removed assigned profiles from computers which where using a profile that belongs to Solution provider. When this bug hit a computer, it got the company default profile assigned, when it communicated next time with the backed.
  • Fixed the loading of reports on the reports page for some Solution provider accounts.
  • You can add multiple e-mail addresses when adding a device.
  • REST API integrations are now possible using read-only administrators.
  • Added the date when the computer was added to portal as Registration date to device detail page.
  • PSB Mobile Security device details are updated immediately for fresh installation when you open the device details page. With current release, you often need to reload the details page for this to work properly. This will be fixed to work always with the opening in next release.

We are also starting the process of shutting down the old portal on 14th of Dec 2016. As a first step we updated text in old portal login page specifying the portal shutdown information.


PSB team.




Release change log 201610311021-a6347e5

Release 201610311021-a6347e5


  • Solution providers can CO-brand their portal:
    • They can add their own logo in portal beside the F-Secure logo.
    • They can change the the support link to point to their own support instead of the F.-Secure support.
    • This customization functionality is found on Solution provider level Accounts page under the "..." button next to Account management.
  • Very first release of the The F-Secure Help:
    • With this release we just enable the technology on every page with a "?" on right top corner and it opens a way to access the "Help" portal.
    • Very soone we will start adding new scenario helps, that guide the user through the more demanding flows. First flows to get covered will be Device Search, Software Updater and APNS certificate creation.
    • We will also use this technology to promote the "What's new" in the portal.
    • This content can and will be updated without need to make new portal releases.
  • Fixes to the 30 minute automatic logout problem:
    • Now the portal behaves in following manner: Inactivity period has been increased from 20 to 60 minutes, so even if you don't touch the portal for almost an hour, you can continue using it from where you left. Once every 12 hours you are forced to login again to the portal.
    • We are still seeing very random and rare scenarios in our testing, where user gets logged out after few hour and we are working on ironing them away too. But let us know through the Feedback in the portal, if you are still suffering from the automatic logouts.
  • We've changed the Freedome for Business on the Android to use Google Play-based installation and upgrades. Because the distribution method of the Android freedome app changes so fundamentally, there was no good way found to enable automatic updating of the Freedome app. The old version of Freedome keeps working until the user goes and finds the app from the appstore and clicks update. After this the upgrades will work automatically from Google Play. All new installations get the latest version from Google Play.
  • We have changed the infection emails configurations to be account independent. So now, if you want to get emails on solution provider level for all companies, it is enough to configure this on the solution provider level. Previously you also needed to configure it on company level.
  • Fixed the duplicate help text in English for Localized fixes will come in next release.

PSB Team.



Warning about the new CO-branding feature

Warning about the new CO-branding feature: we found out today, that if you use this customization functionality, it will actually make it impossible to log in to the old portal using your solution provider credentials. New portal works perfectly fine, but old one doesn't.

We are working on fix to this currently and will have it in the next release soon.

PSB team.