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PSB Install from Policy Manager


PSB Install from Policy Manager

We currently have Policy Manager (On-Premises) and are changing to PSB. In the past there was a PSB package you could use with Policy Manager to perform the transition but this appears to no longer be an option since the change to Computer Security.


Is there a .jar package for Computer Security that can be used in this way?


Re: PSB Install from Policy Manager

Hello @barkerkr,


Please have a look at this article in where you can find more details about Migration steps from Policy Manager to PSB.


Before you start migrating, it is recommended to uninstall F-secure Client Security Premium from the machines, then install the new product. Once the installation is completed, the machines will be automatically connected to the "Cloud" and visible in the PSB portal.

F-Secure Product Manager

Re: PSB Install from Policy Manager

Please just note that once you have installed Workstation security you can just trigger the migration to Computer Protection to update automatically to the Computer Protection client.