Migration to Computer Protection completed - Any remaining Workstation Security?

F-Secure Product Manager

Migration to Computer Protection completed - Any remaining Workstation Security?

We are glad to have completed the migration from Workstation Security to Computer Protection.

Our customers got a modern security client with multiple new features, latest ones including remote diagnostic files, client customization, remote quarantine management, pilot mode…

Computer Protection is continuous improved and  the latest changes are always visible in Computer / Server Protection and  in PSB Portal change logs.

Computer Protection can easily  be upgraded to Computer Protection Premium or Computer Protection Premium and RDR.


However there are a few points we would like to highlight:


Why are Workstation Security still visible in the device list?

Most of the Workstation Security devices still visible in device list are inactive computers that have not connecting for a long time.

The remediation are:

  • Turn-on the computer and it will upgrade automatically (otherwise see below)
  • Remove the computer from the list if the computer is not used anymore


Why are certain active computers not upgrading?

We see a small percentage of computers that are connected but fails to upgrade.

There are a number of possible causes:


  • Missing software updates: We noticed that computers displaying a lot of missing critical security update are sometimes not updating. This is typically resolved by installing the missing security update by for example selecting the computers in the device list and using the remote action "install software updates", then rebooting and then installing more updates (repeat if needed).
  • No free disc space: Your computer needs to have at least 600MB of free disc space to properly upgrade. After freeing disc space, the computer should upgrade the next time we publish a new package.
  • Reboot pending: In some cases, the new client will only be installed after re-boot (as it does not trigger the re-boot). Re-starting the computer will solve the problem.
  • Computer tried and failed: The client will try to upgrade three times and wait for the next time we publish a new package. On the 4th of September 4 2019, we will republish a last time a new package to trigger the old client to retry the channel upgrade.
  • Unsupported Operating Systems: Old Operating Systems not supported by Computer Protection such as Windows XP or Vista will obviously not be migrated and still use WorkStation Security. Supported OS are listed in our Help Center. We strongly recommend to upgrade the Operating System to a supported version.

How can I force the computers to upgrade?

  • Install the Computer Protection client again on the computer. It will automatically sidegrade the old Workstation Security client. Note that if you install with MSI, a special MSI package should be run first for sidegrading as explained in Help Center.