F-Secure Key phaseout?


F-Secure Key phaseout?



I received a message that F-Secure key is phased out (at least on the Business side of F-Secure).


Is this also true for the F-Secure key versions available in the Apple App Store and Android Store?


I am already looking for a proper way to export my passwords, but have not found the built-in export function that helpful. It does not export to a proper CSV readable by for instance LastPass. Everything is just dumped to one line in a text file, without proper CSV formatting.


Any tips would be welcome Smiley Happy

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Re: F-Secure Key phaseout?

Hello VR46,


There are no changes to F-Secure KEY; it is available for download as usual (https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/key). This message/announcement is only related to F-Secure Password Protection.


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