F-Secure Computer Protection: Main differences compared to Workstation Security 12


Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"

Is it possible to silent install it and provide the license key in the installation process for mass deployment ?


Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"

Ability to install silently (without any dialogs) is still on the list of things to add later. You can embed the keycode in the file name and it is used then as part of the installation process.


Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"



Actually we used only the silent install of FSB.... we need a standalone installer quickly to deploy the new version of Computer Protection. Please help us !




Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"

We are working on a significant change on the installations so that we could have those available. There is an open proposal on a intermediate silent installer that would hide the dialogs when all things go well would in case of problems would resolve to showing dialogs (not completely silent). Would an intermediate step like that be helpful / desired to you?


Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"

in fact I would need a solution equivalent to the one previously used see this example:

fspsbwks.exe / SILENT / VARS: DISABLE_REBOOT = true / LANG: EN / K: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
I will also need to have a variable to force the update after the installation or as a second solution, can Computer Protection perhaps launch from the command line with the update request?


en fait il me faudrait une solution équivalente a celle précédement utilisé voir cette exemple ci :

fspsbwks.exe /SILENT /VARSSmiley Very HappyISABLE_REBOOT=true /LANG:FR /K:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
j'aurai aussi besoin d'avoir une variable pour forcer l'update après l'installation ou en seconde solution, Computer Protection peut peut-être lancer en ligne de commande avec la demande de mise à jour ?


Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"

Since CP 17.2, it has been possible to run the installer with --silent switch that gives you possibility to install silently in basic case. Need to remove incompatible products (sidegrade) and need to provide subscription info would result in dialogs. Subscription info can be given as part of the installer name (installer_<subscription-code>_.exe).


We are currently preparing a script example for installing with GPO.


We hope this would unblock some people waiting for the installation changes that will take a while longer to be available.




Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"

merci je vais tester tout çà.

thank you I will test everything here.


Re: "Installer is currently only available as a network installer"

hello everything is good for me.

I use an automatic batch that retrieves the serial from a text file to put it in a variable.
Then I rename with the move command the file automatically.
:: the variable that retrieves the serial
set FSECURESN = 1111-2222-3333-4444-5555
:: you have to put yourself in the right directory then
move PSBInstallerPSB1.exe install_% fsecuresn% _. exe
:: and to launch it
START / WAIT install_% fsecuresn% _. Exe --SILENT



salut tout est bon pour moi.


J'utilise un batch automatique qui récupère le serial venant d'un fichier texte pour le mettre dans une variable.

Ensuite je renome avec la commande move le fichier automatiquement.

:: la variable qui récupère le serial
set FSECURESN=1111-2222-3333-4444-5555

:: il faut se placer dans le bon répertoire puis

move PSBInstallerPSB1.exe installer_%fsecuresn%_.exe

:: et pour le lancer

START /WAIT installer_%fsecuresn%_.exe --SILENT


ca marche merci à toute l'équipe



Re: "Reason for removing F-Secure own firewall" and "DataGuard availability in Business suite"

Hi asanka and ultimatebhatia,


here is the official statement for the F-Secure own firewall removal:

Our new security client, F-Secure Computer Protection, was released on September 27th and is growing fast in popularity. It will eventually replace the Workstation Security clients in our Protection Service for Business product family.


On top of the various architectural and performance improvements, the release includes an exciting set of new features, such as Device Control and the capability to deliver rebootless upgrades. Later, we will also release F-Secure DataGuard and Application Control 2.0.


Furthermore, we have improved our firewall protection capabilities.

Rather than executing firewall rules with a separate component, we now use the default Windows rule engine to execute F-Secure Firewall rules. This approach brings several considerable enhancements:

  1. It increases compatibility with appliances, such email, web, firewall, or VPN gateways, including UTMs.
  2. It increases compatibility with business applications, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.
  3. It increases compatibility with any SIEM, RMM, or any other 3rd party auditing, logging, or monitoring tool.
  4. It allows us to provide a broader set of configurable options, such as using the service name or application path. Additionally, we can provide better IPV6 support.
  5. It allows us to focus on building additional intelligence and value-added firewall security capabilities.
  6. It simplifies the network topology and reduces the amount of required configurations.


The F-Secure Expert ruleset, executed by the Windows rules engine, contains an extensive list of advanced rules created by our penetration testers. These provide increased protection against various threats, such as self-propagating ransomware like WannaCry and lateral movement from one client to another. The administrator can create or extend the rulesets to tackle company and context-specific threats.


I hope this answers your question fully for the firewall removal.


DataGuard is coming in next Client Security 13.10 release for the Business Suite customers.




Re: Name of program

Hello All


it would be really nice if you called the program in add/remove programs "F-Secure Computer Protection" rather than "Computer Protection"


Microsoft and most other vendor put there name in front - heaps easier to find and sort that way.


thoughts ?