Computer / Server Protection change log


Computer / Server Protection change log

This thread collects endpoint client change logs for PSB:

  • Computer Protection
  • Computer Protection Premium
  • Computer Protection & Rapid Detection and Response
  • Computer Protection Premium & Rapid Detection and Response
  • Server Protection
  • Server Protection Premium
  • Server Protection Premium & Rapid Detection and Response

All these products are available from the shared installer and the capabilities have been added gradually.


September 2017 started availability of Computer Protection clients.

May 2019 started availability of Server Protection clients.


We're very proud of the full revamp of architecture and the benefits this brings to our users, but we're by no means done. A major part of revamp of the architecture is our ability to update all levels of the product to respond to the fast-changing threat landscape.


In this thread, we will announce new Computer / Server Protection releases and you can expect to see new ones frequently. Computer / Server Protection clients are updated to the latest version automatically even though not immediately - new installations may see newer version for a period of time than what you have installed.


   Maaret on behalf of the fellows working on the Computer Protection client


Release 17.2 - availability starting 16.10.2017

Computer Protection 17.2 introduces:

  • Tray icon right-click menu functionality improved, changed style - it should let program start a little faster now
  • About box now shows the same information regardless of where it is opened, changed style - we also now started a running <year>.<release> number that helps you see from now on what version you have in use.
  • client installer can run silently in basic scenario when configured with the keycode "INSTALLER_<keycode>_.exe --silent". This shows dialogs in case keycode check fails, or sidegrade is needed or anything else fails during installation.
  • User interface rendering framework has been changed and enables scaling of our dialogs to all sizes

There is also a number of fixes and minor improvements in particular in the area of browsing and connection control.It also includes a change that we believe to fix majority of Software Updater related bluescreen problems from compatibility with Microsoft's own update and reboot mechanisms.


PS: Please note that we changed the release numbering from this version onwards. You will see our launch version and this version with the same main release number, and for knowing you have this one see version of Common Component Framework:  3.01.280


Release 17.3 - availability starting 31.10.2017

Computer Protection 17.3 introduces:

  • Installing end-point protection with Computer Protection and Computer Protection Premium keycodes. Computer Protection Premium keycodes give you access to premium features, first being F-Secure DataGuard.
  • Computer Protection:
    • Admin can now turn on protection when local user has turned it off before admin decided to make it remotely managed and locked.
    • In case the web browser extension is not installed or enabled, the warning text on Main GUI acts as a link to open the help page with more info
    • On the Settings/Browser extensions page, there is a button opening the web browser on the Chrome Web Store page for installing the browser extension for Chrome
    • On Windows 10 Creator's Update ("Redstone 3"), Windows Defender Security Center (WDSC) will display status information, and the product's Main GUI can be opened from a link in WDSC
    • Fixes worth mentioning:
      • Blockpage's allow button does not cause allowed page to load if url is plain http
      • Adding search site to allowed sites prevents rating icon to show
      • Network printing not working when Connection Control is active
  • Computer Protection Premium:
    • Includes everything Computer Protection has.
    • You recognize you have successfully installed Computer Protection Premium from Main User Interface banner (Premium) and product name: Computer Protection Premium.
    • F-Secure DataGuard functionality. Ability to remotely manage the functionality is pending on PSB Portal Release to reveal the functionality to Admins.


Please note: Client version on the endpoint is reported as 17.3 and in the PSB Portal as 17.2. A fix for delivering the correct information to PSB Portal will be in next release. You can recognize your clients have updated by the component version numbers on Devices Installed Software Category:

  • Anti-Malware/Malware Protection: 17.202.123
  • Firewall/PSB: 1.1.1122
  • Automatic Update Agent/Common Component Framework:
  • Management Agent/PSB: 1.1.1122



Release 17.4 - availability starting 14.11.2017

Computer Protection 17.4 introduces:

  • Browsing Protection blockpage now shows Computer Protection Icon
  • Client version is now reported correctly to the backend
  • For use at discretion, installation command line offers --skip-sidegrade to install without removing a particular product considered incompatible. We suggest using this only in cases where products have been compatible with Workstation 12 product and are not for Computer Protection. Leaving a product that is incompatible is at own risk, and we for problems we primarily advice removing the incompatible product.
Computer Protection Premium:
  • Includes everything Computer Protection has.
  • DataGuard Blocking Flyer now gives information to user in cases of blocking applications considered unsafe.



Release 17.5 - availability starting 27.11.2017

Computer Protection 17.5 introduces:

  • Possibility to remotely install through GPO with a MSI-installer (a knowledge base article on steps and the MSI-installer added on Portal downloads page will be made available shortly)
  • Ability switch subscription from Computer Protection to Computer Protection Premium with clients automatically and silently updating.
  • All Profile changes are now logged to Log/Cosmos/Profile.log
Computer Protection Premium:
  • Includes everything Computer Protection has.
  • Includes capabilities for Application Control Predefined rules feature, that will be available with a Portal release. 

Release 17.6 - availability starting 15.12.2017

Computer Protection 17.6 introduces:

  • Remotely managed Exclusions in client local UI
  • Fix for localized texts in scope of software updater functionality
Computer Protection Premium:
  • Includes everything Computer Protection has.
  • DataGuard settings in client local UI
  • Ready and functioning for Application Control Predefined rules piloting when enabled in portal (limited group availability)

Release 18.1 - availability starting 22.1.2018

Computer Protection 18.1  and Computer Protection Premium 18.1 introduce bug fixes and small improvements. Small feature improvements are in particular in the premium features, DataGuard and Application Control.



Release 18.2 - availability starting 31.1.2018

As our team is working towards delivering more frequently the value into use in the PSB service as we have it available and well tested,  announcing releases is losing some of it's meaning for us. We are however very happy to announce the availability of Computer Protection and Computer Protection Premium 18.2 release.


The 18.2 release brings out a fix on a cycle of crashes we could see from our product monitoring happening on a portion of Win7 computers. The new version is automatically updated silenty, as always.


Release 18.3 - availability starting 22.2.2018

We've started delivering the Computer Protection and Computer Protection Premium 18.3 release. The release contains work towards next upcoming major features (application control, streamlined installation) that isn't yet visible for the users.


Main user-visible change is fixes in the Software Updater area. A portion of our customers was experiencing Software Updater component crashes, which this version fixes. We've still seen some while diligently testing the version, but tracked it down on the old version failing when new one gets installed.


Release 18.4 - availability starting 5.3.2018

Computer Protection and Computer Protection Premium 18.4 release is available. This release brings some ransomware protection and browsing protection bug fixes and some UI changes.


  • Firewall settings page changed: the "Advanced network protection" checkbox has been changed to a switch.