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Computer Protection Migration


Re: Computer Protection Migration

Dear Fedool,


> 18.14 will support it ... cloned computers support


Thanks for the insightful information!


However, I still feel FSAV PSB 12.01's mandatory replacement schedule should occur no less than 6 months after general release of the new PSB CP 18 major version, with official "monolithic" installer package support and proper cloned computer unique ID support.


It would be irresponsible to set the milestone 6 months after the webinar, with the stumbling block technical problems solved maybe just 4 months before the deadline. It is important to understand that many PSB end-user customers are lacking in IT skills and/or IT personnel (.e.g schools) and they need time, even when the local partners do everything in their power to help with the conversion.


The popularity of F-Secure PSB solution was built over several years and the PSB WKS 11/12 client is deeply ingrained in its sucess, so it shouldn't be thrown away easily.


Thanks for your kind attention, Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


Re: Computer Protection Migration

Hi Fedool,


Good day,


Regarding this issue, we have a client with cloned computers, and also using Endpoint Proxy . I'm interested in your offer to try the test version. How could I communicate with you directly?.




Re: Computer Protection Migration

Hi All,


We have now enabled the Workstation to Computer Protection migration for APAC PSB3 today (28 Sept 2018). Partners can do the migration for them and companies managed by them as per their convenience.


PSB Byte Team


Re: Computer Protection Migration

The migration is proceeding smoothly. Over 200 partners have already migrated including some of the biggest ones.

Note the small enhancement that allows Company and SEP to set the channel upgrade schedule  (after the SoP has selected a date) was just released.