Company account creation moved from the PSB portal to the Partner Portal

The Partner Portal provides an agile platform for partner ordering, and it is now the only portal where partners can create accounts. Whenever partners create orders in the Partner Portal, the company account name and company details are automatically synced with the PSB Security Management system and are immediately visible in PSB Portal.

In order to streamline the information between these two portals, the possibility to create, edit or delete a company account in PSB portal is not available anymore.

As we take pragmatic steps towards F-Secure's world-class partner experience, our focus is also on gathering high-quality customer data. Therefore, F-Secure currently has a centralized team managing partner data.

If there is a need to create, edit or delete a company account in PSB Portal Customer Management, please contact F-Secure Customer Care.

For more information about how to order in the Partner Portal, see the below related information.

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