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What i'm worried about that have you sold your soul to Google and opened a window to my PC  to them ???

Or will Freedome OR Safe keep them out ??? How it is ??



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Just because I'm also only F-Secure user, who choose their security solutions (and I'm not any of F-Secure stuff or someone who able to inform about official F-Secure's position) -> so such ask should not be addressed for me -> and I place reply there - for situation if you eventually suspected that I'm officialy related with F-Secure and your reply was response to my previous feedback (and if your reply was not just global ask F-Secure company about such situation).


Also I not sure... if about this concern will be response from F-Secure Community Managers - so maybe you able try to ask F-Secure directly -> https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/about_global/contact/offices



As my own feelings (if for someone will be interesting):




What about my own view - I not sure how discontinued "F-Secure Search service" (and not acquired by Google.. as example) could "opened a window to user's system". At least, with next meanings:


--> you able do not use Google (how it was previously);


--> if we talk about search engines: you able to use any of others like Bing; Yahoo; Ixquick; DuckDuckGo; one of large local search engines (some of them available on English); or even... things like YaCy;


--> if you still want to use Google Search (or generally get their search results) - if I normally understood there can be small difference between if "Google" will know that there was some search queries from F-Secure Company; Or if "Google" will know that there some search queries from "unknown someone"; If there will be any of "knowledges" for Google at all... with both situations. And there I mean - that most likely Google should provide something as 'untrack' (and high privacy options) for their users. And as additional there can be any of browser's features or addons for more layers on user's side. Using system's, browser's, service's (Google there) own privacy and security options/settings AS additional layer to trusted security solution should be pretty enough for most of Home Users feelings. Such point will be much more secure and with more perfomance than using F-Secure Search with missing any other layers (where search results was not always so best how it will be directly with Google Search) - just as my opinion;




I think that F-Secure Search was much more quality/good/safe than some of other 'related' things from some another security companies (who also used/using this kind of feature as branded/re-designed Google/Yahoo Search or Ask.com as their 'safesecurity'-search-engines); Lavasoft... AVG... Avira... McAfee and maybe most of security companies have this.


So - I not sure why F-Secure discountinued such service (eventually?!) or why F-Secure decided do not 'continue' for providing such thing (if it was not a Google decision). 


I used it time to time. Also I not really like many things from Google (and generally I used Google Search from time when there was missing any of their current things; And I start use Google Search... because compare to things like Yahoo or other search portals it was certain Search website - which I want to use... where just Search form and search results) I also do not use Google Chrome, practically do not use Android platform.... and  Google Services (as maybe someone using a lot) - so this is not clear for me... about their current tracking actions or 'abilities to do something with my PC';  I also usually clear browser's cookies, temporary files, cache.. after using it some time. Also with some additional tweaks - I feel there partly "OK'-situation when for my 'search query' (which maybe Google save and counted; or tracked?! and analyzing) search engine return for me some of required search results (as replacing for experience with 'catalog of known websites about certain topic').

Basically -> Google Search (and some of Google service) more noisy for me, than 'privacy breaker'; I think that Google (as large company) should to be with strong rules about such critical for user things (even with Google Search there so many rogue/scam under search results); And with careful using their services - there should be not so many troubles (which can be with using services from large company).


 So, F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure Freedome definetely can be helpful with some meanings. But it depends on what you certainly mean about "keep them out" (and does it not possible to do by just common steps!? - since F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure Freedome generally will protect against malicious, harmful and rogue-scam things);


Based on F-Secure press-release (for introducing F-Secure Search) -> https://safeandsavvy.f-secure.com/2013/11/11/introducing-safe-search/

They represent main feature for F-Secure Search as ability to provide best search results with "safety search rating badges" (as reputation/rating for URL) for ALL! as 'not premium' feature.

With discountinued F-Secure Search -> for F-Secure SAFE customers there still available 'safety search rating badges' for search results under Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines - which user already able to use directly (as it was before too). There F-Secure Freedome should provide some tweaks about privacy/hidden points (as it was before too).

But most likely that if you do not like Google, but want to use their search engine - there required additional steps.

too large... Smiley Sad

Just as "small summary" (about my own feelings ^ ): you able do not use Google at all (for prevent any potential 'unexpected windows') and... as someone able to suggest that best option to use things like Ixquick, DuckDuckGo or things like YaCy. Maybe this is valid, but for me there two points: I not sure that it indeed safer and secondly with less 'powerful' view about valid search results.


Also maybe your main concern about point that with F-Secure Search there was notes like "your search history is not stored anywhere or linked to you" (but firstly - at least it was stored under my Browser journal - if I did not use InPrivate mode; and secondly - potentially you able to be with same level with F-Secure Safe/Freedome and with using Google Search directly; of course, with some more steps....); But such service was quite useful and good for not F-Secure users (as good option and ability)! 


 As additional - maybe you just able to re-read their (F-Secure) privacy principles (and Terms): https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/legal/principles

I choose F-Secure solutions/softwared based on my own feelings about this company as about good company. So will be nice - if F-Secure will be good company with most of meanings.


Sorry for my reply. Will be "valuable" if there comes official response from F-Secure (which you expected with your ask). 



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Just a note: the suggestion to use Google is mainly because that way your search results will be similar to before. Modern F-Secure  products yield safety ratings on some other search providers as well. 


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ActivateFSecSearch.jpgHello, how can this activation screen for F-Secure Search be removed, as the service is discontinued?


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P.S.: It is re-appearing and appearing, regardless what is being clicked on the screen. The screen is also noted inside the "Wartungscenter", i suppose the English name is Support Centre of my F-Secure Internet Security program.

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@PeFHa wrote:
P.S.: It is re-appearing and appearing, regardless what is being clicked on the screen. The screen is also noted inside the "Wartungscenter", i suppose the English name is Support Centre of my F-Secure Internet Security program.



You able to re-check this topic (with some suggestions about this situation):



Official response was:

Laksh wrote:
If you're having Internet Security, please reinstall it and it should help with the problem.

Also just interesting - your experience about fresh/clean installation F-Secure Internet Security? Or when this prompt created?