Stopping and starting F-Secure Secure Messaging PPS service

This article describes how to stop and start the F-Secure Secure Messaging Security Gateway (FSMSG) PPS service if necessary.

To stop/start the PPS service through the Web Admin page:

  1. Log onto the Web Admin page for Proofpoint Protection Server.
  2. Make sure that you are an administrator that has access rights to the System module.
  3. Go to System > Servers.
  4. On the far left, select the checkbox for the server that you want to stop or start.

    Note: You may have only one row and, thus, only one checkboxavailable.

  5. Click either the Stop or Start button.
  6. The page may not update to reflect the new server status unless you leave the page and come back. You may also hit the refresh button within your browser.
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