Messaging Security Gateway - Sender receives permerror email notification


User claim messages from sender are delivered but sender will get an empty email from MSG everytime 


The permerror condition means the sender published SPF record could not be verified. Permerror are usually caused by an incorrect SPF syntax or format error in the SPF record.

You may advise the sender to ensure their SPF record is set up correctly and does not have any extra spaces or unrecognizable characters in the DNS TXT record.

We have logged on to the cluster and checked the settings. To prevent the sender from getting the same message, please follow this instruction.

1. Logon to your MSG admin web user interface.
2. Click Email Protection tab.
3. Expand Email Authentication > SPF > Rules
4. Under Dispositions, untick the "Reply to sender based on detected language" check box.

By disabling the option, sender should not receive the e-mail notification. If you want to use that option, leave the check box as tick, and write some message in the Subject and Message field.

Article no: 000016530

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