How to use emergency actions to get specific emails through

There might be cases where legitimate email is considered as spam. This may happen, for example, with automated systems generating non-standard SMTP messages. If emails end up in the quarantine, here's how to proceed.

To find, identify and release messages:

  1. In urgent situations, use SmartSearch to look for the email in question.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass to go directly to the message in the quarantine: emergency_actions1.png
  3. Select the checkbox and click Release to release the message: emergency_actions2.png
  4. Create a custom rule to let these messages pass through also in the future:
    1. Use SmartSearch to check the sender's IP address.
    2. Go to SpamDetection > Custom Rules and create a new rule by selecting Add rule.
    3. Create a rule for the sender's IP address: emergency_actions3.png