Awesome customer service


Awesome customer service

Somehow a virus snuck past the program and wiped out not only my F-Secure program but also my Windows Automatic Update BITS file.


The tech team took control of my system and replaced all the files that were damaged or removed and then replaced their program and got my system up to full working order. When any problems that were encountered, they were on the phone with me every step of the way and i was never out of the loop.


Without their expert help & guidence I would have lost everything. I tell everyone about this product and the ones who chose to ignore my advise have learned costly lessons.


I'll never use anyone else.



Former F-Secure Employee

Re: Awesome customer service

Hi HD6503


Thank you for giving feedback!


I am glad that your problem is solved now. Welcome to our Community. You can post here your issues in order to get help if you have some other things to deal with F-Secure products.


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